Free Birthday Gift at Mastermind Toys for kids


Mastermind Toys

Free Birthday Stuff:
Free surprise birthday gift for kids    

What you have to do:
Sign up for the Mastermind Perks.  Be sure to add your children to the perks program and their birthday dates.  You will receive an email around their birthday to go to the store and pick out a free gift!  They have an awesome selection including TY dolls!

The low down:
Mastermind Toys is a toy store that has locations across the country.  They pride themselves on having a wide variety of learning based toys and games.  Their locations are not huge so they do a good job at bringing in some great stuff for kids from books, puzzles, Lego, surprise toys, board games and more.

Where to find a location:
Find a Mastermind Toys near you.

Does this free birthday gift no longer exist?  Email us at so we can flag this post.


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