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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Free Bagels on your Birthday at What a Bagel

What a Bagel

Free Birthday Stuff:
Buy 6 get 6 free.

What you have to do:
Go to what a bagel on your birthday with proof of ID. Only select locations offer this deal.

The low down:
What a Bagel is a popular bakery in the Greater Toronto Area that obviously specializes in bagels.  What a bagel is great for its fresh bagels made daily.  Don't miss out on your 1/2 prize dozen!

Where to find a What a Bagel:
Toronto and Area.  Click here to find the closest location near you.  Be sure to check if the location nearest you offers this promotion.

Does this free birthday gift no longer exist?  Email us at info@freebirthdaystuff.ca so we can flag this post.


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