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Free Birthday Admission to Krakit

Krakit Room Escape Game

Free Birthday Stuff:
Free admission

What you have to do:
Show up on your birthday!  Excludes Tuesdays which are already discounted.  Visit the Krakit pricing guide for details.

The low down:
Krakit Escape Game located in Burnaby is the entertainment experience that you have been waiting for.  This is one of those escape games, the twist with Krakit is hired actors are part of the game!

Where to find a location:

4035 North Road, Burnaby, BC V3J 1S3

Does this free birthday gift no longer exist?  Email us at info@freebirthdaystuff.ca so we can flag this post.


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  3. Can you play it by yourself ?

  4. Online Escape games are a great way to take a pause from your busy life, while still having a sense of purpose to challenge yourself. Real love them!

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