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Friday, January 29, 2016

Birthday Discount at Build-a-Bear Workshop

Build-a-Bear Workshop

Free Birthday Stuff:
Discount for a purchase during the birthday month of the child's birthday.  Please keep in mind the discount will very from customer to customer depending on how much is spent during the year.

What you have to do:
Sign up for the Stuff for Fun club which is Build-a-Bear Workshops loyalty program.  Be sure to enter your child's birthdate. IMPORTANT:  Your discount is calculated through how much you spend during the year.  The more you spend during the year, the greater discount you will receive.  A voucher will be emailed to you.

Read more in their FAQ.

Read more about the program.

Click here to go to the Stuff for Fun website and register

The low down:
Build-a-Bear is an experience for your child to create, design dress, stuff and build their own bear.  There are endless creations to be made, and many speciality themed bears offered during the year

Where to find a location:
Click here to find a location near you
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