A Free Birthday Coupon from Milestones Restaurant

UPDATED: MARCH 2015 - Verification from customer service email from Milestones.  No longer offers free entrée. If this offer comes back, please let us know!

Milestones Restaurant

Free Birthday Stuff:
Free dessert

What you have to do:
No coupon required.

The low down:
Milestones is a great casual restaurant to eat it.  They have a pretty good menu and a gluten free menu to boot!  Click here to check out all of their menus.

Where to find a location:
Located in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.  Click here for a location near you.

Does this free birthday gift no longer exist?  Email us at info@freebirthdaystuff.ca so we can flag this post.


  1. Must bring 3 friends, in order to receive 1 free entree. "Buy 3 entrees, get the 4th free!"

  2. hi im wondering the free meal is on the birthday person or on the lowest price meal??

  3. Milestones is no longer doing this deal as of Dec 31st 2014.

  4. If this is no longer valid, why even keep it on the list? It's a waste of everyone's time to read through and get to the UPDATED part.

    1. I apologize you are right. I moved the update to the top of the page. I want people to know that there was an offer, so if it comes back, we can update the page again.

  5. My birthday is tomorrow and my daughters the 15th of septtember is there an offer for us ??? :)

  6. My birthday is tomorrow and my daughters the 15th of septtember is there an offer for us ??? :)


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