Free Birthday Meal at Denny's

Restaurant: Denny's

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Free Birthday Stuff:
Free birthday Grand Slam Breakfast

What you have to do:

Sign up to the My Denny's loyalty program.  Read more about the free birthday meal.

The low down on Denny's:

Denny's is one of the most popular all day breakfast joints in North America and famous for its grand slam breakfast that has a little bit of breakfast everything on the plate.  Most Denny's locations are also 24 hrs!

Where to find a Denny's:

Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville, Whitby, Oakville, Niagara Falls, Mississauga, London, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Victoria, Abbotsford, and Surrrey.

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  1. A couple of my friends and I went to the Denny's on Kingsway (near Metrotown in Vancouver) and it was such a disappointment on the "free meal deal" which they now offer for your birthday. It was one of my friend's birthday and we knew that they had the "free birthday meal deal" there. This year, they only allowed you to choose 4 items from the Grand Slam breakfast menu and nothing else.

    When the meal came, it looked so cheap and only enough for a child. My friends went there last year for dinner and they had a good experience because the meals were not limited but this year, they've changed to only one option. So, don't go to Denny's for your "free" birthday meal because you'll come out of it feeling "crappy" on your special day.

    Denny's Management certainly did a "bad job" on making a special day for their customers for being stingy.

    1. Well said, I had my "free" meal in Calgary in 2015 and it only cost me a buck or 2 ( w/o coffee). The breakfast was poorly prepared, next time I 'll spend the extra buck and hit the casino for a decent meal and I don't have to wait till my birthday.

    2. Ya, what a bunch of not bother, not much of a Birthday meal when all you get are the 4 item thing!!! Very disappointing!!

    3. Totally agreed. Denny's used to be generous on birthday meal but really cheap out over last several years. Not worth it anymore.

  2. I recently went to the Dennys here in Ottawa for my birthday. I'm an older lady, brought my adult son & his girlfriend. We'd heard others rave about how good the birthday meal was so decided to try it.

    We were seated with smiles & it started off okay. We got a pitcher of water and the menus. But as soon as I mentioned I was here for the free birthday meal we were suddenly treated like garbage! The server even grabbed the pitcher off our table before my son could fill his glass!

    For the Grand Slam breakfast, I was told I could only choose 3 items from their list (1 slice of toast, an English muffin, 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon, 1 small sausage, grits, hash browns, or a small pancake). There were other items, but these were extra money (such as yogurt, fruit, or large sausage). To add more items to your plate it was $1.50 extra per item. If you wanted your eggs to be an omelette, they charged extra for that too.

    The meal I finally chose consisted of 2 eggs (scrambled), hash browns, and bacon. I also asked for yogurt, small sausage, and whole wheat toast. 45 minutes later what arrived on my plate was a disaster. It was almost as if they were thinking "ah, it's just another bum out for the freebie, we don't need to cook it properly".

    The hash browns was a golf ball sized pile of thin spaghetti like strips, very soggy in the center, so hard you couldn't bite them along the edges. I took a few bites of the soggier bits... it was so bland & tasteless I didn't eat the rest.

    The sausage was so greasy it was oozing oil all over the plate & everything around it. I only ate 1 bite of it because it was just nasty & luke warm. The bacon was so overcooked it crumbled to dust without leaving any taste in your mouth at all. Most of this was left on the plate.

    My eggs were very runny, no spicing of any kind at all on them, & I swear it looked like someone had spit in them. I didn't eat any for fear of it really being spit! The yogurt was edible, I ate all 3 bites worth.

    The toast was non existent. I had to argue with the server several times just to get it (they claimed I never ordered it). I swear that they just grabbed a slice from someone's finished plate as what I received was cold, half burnt, & not whole wheat. I tried to get it replaced but the servers obviously ignored my hails.

    I finally had enough & went to leave. I complained about the quality of the meal to the person at the cash... who argued with me, saying since I ate it (though they obviously saw that 3/4 of it was returned uneaten) so I had to pay for it. I told them I was here for the birthday deal & I shouldn't be charged the whole price. They claimed they had no such deals "anymore". I told them the server said it was, and the menu had it but they claimed the menus were old & hadn't yet been replaced. I was livid!

    In the end I wound up paying full price for my so-called "free" meal & never even got to eat most of it. I will NEVER go to Denny's again!

    1. I have never had an overly bad experience at Dennys, but it isnt my favorite restaurant... but I have to say after reading your review, it sounds like a load of crap. So you told them you were there for the free birthday meal, and the server removed your pitcher of water before your son could fill his glass, and you still stayed? Bull. You would have left right away. I have worked in restaurants in my teenage years and have seen lots of burnt food, but I have NEVER in my whole life ever seen bacon crumble to dust! lol lady come on. If it was that bad you wouldnt have paid for it, you would have left.

    2. I am so sorry you had to negate the experience of the previous writer...How long have you been fascinated with your own opinion?

    3. WAHHHH!!!!. They took water off the table and my FREE meal was too small.

  3. I went before work on my birthday to the Dennys in Whitby. I was alone and asked for the birthday special. The waitress gave me the menu and showed me the selection that was available for my Grand Slam breakfast. I had 2 eggs over easy, sausage ,pancakes and rye toast all of which well prepared. Thanks for starting my day in a great way !

  4. Is the free birthday meal still available in the Vancouver area?

    1. yes,they have cut back on the Grand slam breakfast but you can have anything you want on your birthday,for breakfast,lunch or dinner up to the same price as their new Grand Slam, I always pay the difference and go their for lunch or supper. I.H.OP. has a large pancake breakfast for your birthday that has a fruit topping on it. You sign up online to get the coupon,when you sign up you also get another coupon good for 2 weeks for the same thing, so 2 coupons a year,and none have to used on your birthday.

  5. Is the free birthday meal still available in the Vancouver area?

  6. whenever i go dennys for my birthday i have to pay for the coffee whats up with that if its free its free even the coffee

  7. I right away noticed not one comment came with a name so we'll see what happens.My brother plans to go to the North Vancouver BC location on may 24 and I will be giving a review with my name because I am not a gutless chicken!


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