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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free Birthday Greeting from the Prime Minister of Canada

Government of Canada

Free Birthday Stuff:
A congratulatory letter from the Prime Minister of Canada for your 65th and 70th Birthday and a certificate for your 75th birthday.

What you have to do:
Fill out an application on the Government of Canada website to receive the letter greeting or certificate for your birthday or a loved ones.  Click here to access to the Government of Canada website and the application.

The low down:
It's kind of cheesy and funny, but why not get congratulated by the Prime Minister?  That'll be a whole lot of envelope licking if everyone in Canada started registering for their birthday greetings and certificates for their loved ones.  Or if you are turning 65, 70, or 75, heck, do it for yourself!  I thought it was pretty funny when I heard this.  Apparently you can do this for various levels of government.

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